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Hi, it is time again for another Spitfire flight Lottery!

There is a month left before the lottery closes there are only 1000 tickets available, so for £20 you have a 1/1000 chance to fly a Spitfire!

The draw takes place on March 11th so get in quick while there are still some tickets left.

As in previous lotteries, the proceeds will go towards supporting GB International Aerobatic Teams and help us to improve our standing in international competition.

British Aerobatics also donates part of the proceeds of the Lottery to the Aerobility Charity.

You can buy tickets for the Lottery here:

Alan Begley, our first winner:
"It was a privilege to be given the opportunity to fly in such an iconic piece of British history. From the briefing and first roar of the Merlin engine right through to the flight, aerobatics and landing, the whole experience was exhilarating. It was simply one of the most exciting and memorable things I have ever done!"

Disclaimer: I am currently an International Team member, and so may benefit, in the form of subsidised training for international events, from any ticket sales.
Looks like £20 is a bargain for the first step on the road to solo 8)
Less than 250 tickets left, so please be quick if you want to take part in the draw.
Many thanks to all who have already supported the British Aerobatics' teams and Aerobility and thank you Flyer for allowing us to promote the draw.
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