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Bobcro wrote:That is brilliant news and thanks to all who worked so hard to achieve it.

Someone ought to have a word with Marwan Khalek and persuade him to dip into his petty cash.

I somehow think Marwan has bigger things to worry about right now than buying Fairoaks. Maybe Unity Land can have another try at buying it from the joint owners and promoting their airport development plan. Unless it’s under a single owner there will never be any real investment.
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I was surprised it was allowed to go so far to be honest.

I’m pleased planning law continues to be strengthened and people are increasingly recognising the important role general aviation has to their community and to the region, and not just some dikabout game that can be easily disposed.

The awareness campaign continues......
Local aero clubs, shared ownership in aircraft, or even the pub after work (if you're commercial GA) can also form part of such communities. That helps the pilot social scene.

But the biggest challenge is giving that voice to the local and surrounding (non-flying) community, and how any local airport delivers value, both economically and socially, towards it.
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2Donkeys wrote:Indeed, this is really not a withdrawal. This is a temporary pause whilst revised plans are submitted following the outcome of consultation and the selection of a development partner. Nothing has really changed.

Yes indeed. And to that extent, potentially far less of a triumph for GA than it might at first appear, unfortunately. Contrast this with the situation at Old Sarum where an apparently far less well-advised developer has spent millions pursuing an unworkable scheme and reverts to infantile posturing when it's rejected.

I'd put money on Fairoaks being developed for housing first...
chevvron wrote:Just found a NOTAM (L0299/20) saying 'remove references to NDB and DME from the AIP (perm)'
Are they still radiating?

Are the aids being removed because it's just a FISO service, or because the owners don't want to pay for them, or because of the Farnborough airspace changes?
FlarePath wrote:Are you not a FISO there, so....

Regretfully not at the moment; illness of both my wife and myself has prevented me from providing services/annoying you lot there for some time. :cry: