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By mmcp42
does anyone out there have a GNS430 (not the W variant, bu expect they're the same for my query)
recently had mine replaced
all working fine except it always starts up at maximum zoomed out (50nm)
not that hard to zoom in, but wondered if there's a setting for that?

I've tried the user manual (novel - I know!), but can't see anything

advice please :)
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By mmcp42
Boxkite wrote:A by-product of the autozoom setting?

yeah did wonder that
will give that a try next time I fly :)
In our 430W in nav pages go to Map Page then 'map set up?'This allows you to define the scale of each page on start up: Its on page 34 of our manual.

You'd need to switch off auto-zoom I think.

May be different on 430 though.

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