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By Sooty25
He's probably been in there before, but without the crowd on the runway.

Maybe he got confused over QNH and QFE, a tad low on the approach I think!
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By Red
Was it actually that bad an arrival?, looks to me like he just got unlucky and stuck a leg in a hole

Heres a happier day

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By EddieHeli
Looks Like he dropped it in before the runway and caught the gear in the bushes, he did the same in the second video as well, dropped it in early before the start of the runway, maybe he kept getting away with it, until he didn't any more.
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By Sooty25
stbd leg clipped the piles of dirt heaped at end of runway. 0.06 on the video, you need to freeze frame it.
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By Rob L
Dave W wrote:At least he had the good grace to clear* the runway for the recovery crew's aircraft.

*Apart from a bit of necessary sweeping, I suppose.

*Vacate :evil: dear boy; one does not use the "C" word unless one is on receipt of a clearance from ATC. That strip doesn't look like it has ATC!

Such a pity to see a lovely aircraft wrecked like that. The port engines & props might be available for sale, I assume.

RedBull might take them off their hands as spares.

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