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By Longfinal
Even full time, I would say it would be incredibly ambitious to think of a flash to bang time of less than 6 months to complete all the CPL exams successfully without any external involvement. The value of brush up weeks before sitting the exams shouldn’t be underestimated.

Of course, there is always the exception to the rule .......
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By marioair
Yeah I think I’d just bite the bullet and do the full course.
The IR in spare time wasn’t too bad, took about 6 months.
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By Genghis the Engineer
marioair wrote:Yeah I think I’d just bite the bullet and do the full course.
The IR in spare time wasn’t too bad, took about 6 months.

That is how I did my EASA CPL. Took a while, but I got there, and learned loads en-route.

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By GrahamB
Does anyone have anything to say about Dauntless as regards the EASA related content?

I found the software as prep for my FAA Instrument Foreign Pilot exam very effective, but being US based one wonders how 'in touch' it may be with the realities of the EASA QB and the way it's implemented by the national CAAs. It's certainly very cheap, and it's a one off cost rather than a subscription.
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By marioair
keep me posted
could you also ask him if he has a view on what happens if you want to later change it to a full CPL. could we convince the CAA that you attend the clasroom courses and you're done - as you will have taken the same exams
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By JonnyS
Just spoken to him on the phone. He told me to buy the printed CPL study notes from his website and I could join in classroom days via Skype as there's no requirement to be physically present in the classroom.

Converting to CPL would mean retaking just the exams. There's no way around that as things currently stand.
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By WelshRichy
Capt Edmund wrote:I think that's fair enough as you still get his time. Might be worth asking for £2 off for the tea and biscuits as I definitely consumed that much on my days with him!

Me too! :D
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By WelshRichy
JonnyS wrote:Well, I've started! I bought the books and am doing a pre-read through everything before I begin proper studying. Here's to seeing how it works alongside a full time job. :?

All the best for your studies and exams JonnyS, please keep us updated with how you get on.

If I can give you one tip then that is to join ATPL Theory Students group assuming you have a Facebook account. Fabulous resource of help and latest feedback from exams which, although mainly ATPL, are also very helpful for the CPL syllabus. I found the feedback documents available rather invaluable and there are a few CPL students (and ex-students!) on there.

Of course nothing beats learning the subjects thoroughly but any help with the peculiarities of the EASA CQB is a welcome addition.