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It would show great understanding by people wielding power of the worries and concerns of individual affected pilots if announcements about such things could be made reasonably early, and I do not mean "oh well if you insist on one answer right now, it has to be....".
Judging by the fact that I have (in December) had a 3 or 4 pilots phone me about this, needing for financial (eg buying into syndicates) or other reason for "an answer", we are already infringing "early time" now.
I try not to tell pilots what to do, usually I try to give them facts to make personal choices - eg should a ppl fly on a class 2, a lapl medical or a self declare medical, and how each would alter their personal boundaries . On this April 8th cliff edge subject I have had to go into "given their situation, where would I gamble with my own money understanding I could lose?" territory.
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Charley Farley wrote:It would be good if this could be made a ‘sticky’ in view of the thousands of the pilots that could be grounded for a while if the concession ends.

Genuine question, is 'thousands' your guess, or is there some data somewhere?



Genuine answer, it was my guess.

Forum rule.
Never, ever, state a figure in an estimate, guesstimate or blind guess!
You will be hounded for the source data! :D
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