Primarily for general aviation discussion, but other aviation topics are also welcome.
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By PeteSpencer
Two relatively recent books, one of which I've mentioned on here elsewhere:

The first 'The Crew' by David Price published in February this year is the story of a Lancaster crew based on interviews with the only surviving member: It is quite well written but there were a number of editing/proof reading howlers which let it down :

I was moved to trace the author on FB and point out that his assertion that WW1 Zeppelin crews went in fear that their helium (sic) filled gas bags might explode was bolleaux and I also suggested his assertion that the pilot controlled the Lancaster by the 'yolk' might leave him with egg on his face! :lol:

He's promised to correct this in the second edition.

But more to the point, very early in the book is a blurry photo of a Lancaster which crash landed at Knettishall on its way to Snetterton. Now those of you who know me will be aware that I have flown our arrer out of Knettishall for the last 25 years and I was surprised to read in the endpapers of the above book that Price had written another book (pub 2016) entitled 'A Bomber Crew Mystery: The Forgotten Heroes of the 388th Bombardment Group', which of course flew B17s out of RAF Knettishall (USAAF Station 136) from 1943-5.

So I bought it and it recalls how, in 2014, the author found (and bought) a grubby silver trophy/wine cooler in an Edinburgh Antique shop with a plaque: "Awarded to the 388th BG'outstanding crew of the month August -September 1943" and listed the names of two crews.
The book then details how he set about tracing the crew/their descendants, including visits to Knettishall as it now is. (Author lives in Carlisle).

It is a fascinating read by a self confessed aviation enthusiast/writer/researcher and lecturer on military aviation. (he's actually a builder) .

It still has the odd typo (Both books were published by smallish publishers) and are ATM in hardback and kindle (which I abhor) only but if you wait the paperbacks are coming out in October.

Peter :wink:
By Dominie
The earlier lists are very useful but could I suggest a small change: could we please have separate lists for fiction and non-fiction? Or at least some mention of this on the list?

Also, some mention of who the book is about if it's not autobiographical? Thus in FlyingFemme's list on the first page: "Reach for the Sky" (Douglas Bader) by Paul Brickhill.

NB I first read "The Dambusters" when I was 8 years old!
By Hooligan
Just acquired, read and enjoyed "A Concorde in my Toybox" by Mike Riley. Having read several articles in - ahem! - another publication by Mike I expected an interesting and humorous account of his flying experiences and that is exactly what it is.
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By Horbach
Very nice thread with new inspirations for an autobiographyphile like me :-)

"Forever Flying" from Bob Hoover is quite thrilling. I read it a couple of years ago, but a few weeks ago I wanted to read just a chapter about a plane he flew but ended up reading it from front to end again. Despite dozens of books waiting to be read.

Chuck Yeager's Autobiography is another great read.

Robin Old's "Fighter Pilot" is another thrilling book. As an US Pilot, he flew RAF Hurricanes and his way to describe his encounters with the Brits are so lovely. He flew Meteors in Tangmere later, one of the chapters I enjoyed most.

I think I read in this forum for the first time about George Wrigley's Against all Odds. He flew Vampire and Hunters for the RRAF, changed to Helicopters and Sea Vixens later. It's a quite thrilling read.

Probably the only english book from a german WWII Bf109 pilot is "Spitfire on my tail" from Ulrich Steinhilper. The remains of his downed 109 are exposed in the Kent Battle of Britain Museum in Hawkinge. He wrote two other books about his capture and escapes as a POW, but they are in german language. Both of them were so thrilling that I ended up reading all books I could get about POW escapes. By far the best one is "Stolen Journey" by Oliver Philpot. It's just unbelievable what had happened in those POW camps.
A Bomber Crew Mystery,David Price
A Concorde in my Toolbox,Mike Riley
A Dictionary of RAF Slang,Eric Partridge
A gift of wings,Richard Bach
A Higher Call,Adam Makos
A rabbit in the air,David Garnett
A Standard Pilot's Notes,Nigel Hamlin-Wright
A Stranger to the Ground,Richard Bach
A Sunday Flyer,Maurice Brett
Absolute Altitude,Martin Buckley
Aerobatics,Neil Williams
Against all odds,George Wrigley
Air America,Christopher Robbins
Air disasters,Stanley Stewart
Airborne,Neil Williams
Airymouse,Harold Penrose
Albert Ball,Chaz Bowyer
Always another dawn,Scott Crossfield
An aeroplane affair,John Isaacs
An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth,Chris Hadfield
An Old Captivity,Nevil Shute
Battle of Britain,Len Deighton & Max Hastings
Behind the Cockpit Door,Arthur Whitlock
Better Aerobatics,Alan Cassidy
Beyond the Blue Horizon,Alexander Frater
Biggles (all of them),Capt. W.E. Johns
Birds and Fools Fly,John Urmston
Black Sunday,Thomas Harris
Bomber,Len Deighton
Border Pilot,M.W. Bourne
Build and Fly Your Own Plane,Robert Lowe
Cannibal Queen,Stephen Coonts
Carrying the fire,Michael Collins
Chasing the Wind,Steve Fossett
Chicken hawk,Robert Mason
Cloud cuckoo land,Harold Penrose
Corsaville,Graham Coster
Contact!:the story of the early birds,Henry Serrano Villard
Courier Sud,Antoine de St. Exupery
Dead weight,Brian Lecomber
Down the Runway,Samuel Hawkins
Dragonfly nasa and crisis abord mir,Bryan Burroughs
Duel of Eagles,Peter Townsend
Emergency,Stanley Stewart
Enemy coast ahead,Guy Gibson
F4 Phantom : a pilot's story,Robert Prest
Faith is a windsock,Miles Tripp
Fate is the hunter,Ernest Gann
Fighter Boys,Patrick Bishop
Fighter Pilot,Robin Old
Fighter - The true story of the Battle o,f Britain Len Deighton
Fight for the sky,Douglas Bader
Final Call,Colin Hilton
First Light,Geoffrey Wellum
First Man The life of Neil Armstrong,James R Hansen
Flight Fantastic,Annette Carson
Flight of passage,Rinker Buck
Flight of the Gin Fizz,Henry Kisor
Flight Without Formulae,A.C. Kermode
Fly for your life,Larry Forrester
Flying Between the Wars,Allen Wheeler
Flying Colours,Laddie Lucas
Flying for fun,Jack Parham
Flying Fury,James McCudden
Flying Into the Flames of Hell,Martin W Bowman
Flying to the limit,Roly Beaumont
Forever Flying,Bob Hoover
From Fury to Phantom,Richard Haine
Gift of wings,Richard Bach
Going solo,Roald Dahl
Goodbye Mickey Mouse,Len Deighton
Heaven next stop,Gunther Bloemertz
Hitler versus me (Bandy),Donald Jack
How sleep the brave (Flying Officer X),H.E. Bates
Hughes,Richard Hack
Hurricane R4118,Peter Vacher
I flew for the Fuehrer,Heinz Knoke
I must fly,Sheila Scott
In Case of War Break Glass,Bob Davy
Inside the sky,William Langewiesche
Island Pilot,Allan Whitfield
It's me again (Bandy),Donald Jack
Jean Batten: My Life,Jean Batten
Jonathan Livingston Seagull,Richard Bach
Kill devil hill,Harry Combs
Lancaster Target,Jack Currie
Last of the Fighter Boys,Jimmy Corbin
Le Grand Cirque (The Big Circus),Pierre Clostermann
Lettuce Curtis Her Autobiography,Lettuce Curtis
Lightning from the Cockpit,Peter Caygill
Lindbergh,A. Scott Berg
Mach One,Mike Lithgow
"Me Bandy, you Cissie (Bandy)",Donald Jack
Me so far (Bandy),Donald Jack
Me too (Bandy),Donald Jack
Moondust,Andrew Smith
Mosquito intruder,Dave McIntosh
Mosquito Pathfinder,Albert & Ian Smith
Mosguito Victory,Jack Currie
Night Fighter,Robert Wright
Nine Lives,Alan C Deere
No Escape Zone,Nick Richardson
No highway,Nevil Shute
No Visible Horizon,Joshua Cooper Ramo
North To The Orient,Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Notes from a small mind,Rob Sawyer
Of Wind and Water,James Sanders
On Being A Bird,Philip Wills
On top of the world,Sheila Scott
On the Beach,Nevil Shute
Open cockpit over Africa,Victor Smith
Over To You,Roald Dahl
Pablo's travels,Pablo Mason
Pilot's Summer,Frank D. Tredrey
Power Puff Derby,Mike Walker
Propellerhead,Antony Woodward
Tales of my Time,Raymond Baxter
Rescue Pilot,Jerry Grayson
Round the bend,Nevil Shute
Saggitarius rising,Cecil Lewis
Sea Harrier over the Falklands,Sharkey Ward
Serenade to the big bird,Bert Stiles
Sigh for a Merlin,Alex Henshawe
Sky fever,Sir Geoffrey de Havilland
Skybound,Rebecca Loncraine
Skyfaring,Mark Vanoenacker
Skying,Peter Somerville Large
Sled driver,Brian Shul
Slide rule,Nevil Shute
Spitfire,Brian Lane
Spitfire,Jonathan Glancey
Spitfire,John Nichol
Spitfire,Leo McKinstry
Spitfire - a test pilot's story,Jeffrey Quill
Spitfire on my Tail,Ulrich Steinhilper
Spitfire Women of WWII,Giles Whitell
Spreading My Wings,Diana Barnato Walker
Stick and rudder,Wolfgang Langewiesche
Stolen Journey,Oliver Philpot
Stormbird,Hermann Buchner
Stranger to the ground,Richard Bach
Talkdown,Brian LeComber
Terre des Hommes,Antoine de St. Exupery
That's me in the middle (Bandy),Donald Jack
The Air War - Yugoslavia and Greece,Christopher Shores
The Alsak Bush Pilot Chronicles,Mason
The Art of Flying,Norman Macmillan
The Baloonists,LTC Rolt
The Compleat Taildragger Pilot,Harvey S. Plourde
The Crew,David Price
The flight of the mew gull,Alex Henshaw
The Forgotten Bomber,Graham Warner
The Forgotten Pilots,Lettice Curtis
The Hurricane Story,Paul Gallico
The Ideals and Training of a Flying Offi,cer Roderick Ward Maclennan
The Lives of Ken Wallis,Ian Hancock
The last enemy,Richard Hillary
The lonely sea and the sky,Sir Francis Chichester
The Most Dangerous Enemy,Steven Bungay
The Navigation Log,Martin Corrick
The right stuff,Tom Wolfe
The Shepherd,Frederick Forsyth
The Sky Beyond,Sir Gordon Taylor
Test Pilot,Neville Duke
Think like a bird,Alex Kimbell
Three cheers for me (Bandy),Donald Jack
Thud ridge,Jack Broughton
Trans-Atlantic Ferry,Don McVicar
Tumult in the Clouds,James A goodson
Tiger in the Sky,Pat Jackson
Times Subject to Tides,Roy Calderwood
To fly and fight,Bud Anderson
To the Ends of the Earth,Alan Cobham
Tornado Down,"John Peters, John Nicol"
Turn Killer,Brian Lecomber
Twenty Thousand Miles on a Flying Boat,Alan Cobham
Under an english heaven,Robert Radcliffe
View from the Hover,John Farley
Vol de nuit,Antoine de St. Exupery
Voyage of the Southern Sun,Michael Smith
War in a Stringbag,Charles Lamb
We,Charles Lindbergh
We Landed by Moonlight,Hugh Verity
West with the night,Beryl Markham
Wind, Sand & Stars,Antoine de Saint Exupery
Winged Victory,V M Yeates
Wings on my sleeve,Eric Winkle Brown
Wings over Georgia,Jack Currie
Wings over Suez,Brian Cull
Worrals (all of them),W E Johns
Yeager An Autobiography,Chuch Yeager
You want to build and fly a WHAT,Richard Starks
20 West,Steve Ford
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By john ball
Just finished reading Air Gunner, by Mike Henry.
He started in 1939 and left RAF in 1946. Very sobering as nearly every time he does not fly on a mission the aircraft he was going in get shot down. Also he never shoots at a single enemy aircraft, as never sees any. He does three tours and accumulated over 700 hours in mostly Blenheim, Wellington, Battle, Hampden, based mostly in Norfolk at West Raynham.
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I'll try Air Gunner but I have just read And Some Fell on Stony Ground by Leslie Mann. He was an air gunner on Whitleys but wrote this novel just after the war from the point of view of a fictional pilot however, it's the very best evocation of life on a bomber station and of a bomber crew I've ever read.
By Cowshed
JAFO wrote:I'll try Air Gunner but I have just read And Some Fell on Stony Ground by Leslie Mann. He was an air gunner on Whitleys but wrote this novel just after the war from the point of view of a fictional pilot however, it's the very best evocation of life on a bomber station and of a bomber crew I've ever read.

Thanks for this recommendation. Its not a book I had heard of. It has a different perspective on what it meant to be a bomber pilot - a lot about living with the constant fear of death, compounded by the normality of life back at base.

I'm just reading a short book by Ron Williams who was lucky enough to get pilot training in the Fleet Air Arm through national service (one of the very few), and then went on for a long career in commercial aviation. He ditched a Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer of the west coast of Morocco early in his career, and finished up flying DC10-30s for British Caledonain/British Airways. Its available free to download as a PDF here:
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By Kittyhawk
Bax Seat and More Bax Seat by Gordon Baxter. Hugely entertaining. He was a regular contributor to Flying magazine in the 70 and 80s

Chinook by Dave McMullon. Special Forces helicopter operations
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