Primarily for general aviation discussion, but other aviation topics are also welcome.
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By Hooligan
Not sure if it has been mentioned already but "Flight Fantastic", Annette Carson's wonderful history of aerobatics is a worthy addition to the bookshelf - in fact I saw a secondhand copy recently and bought it to replace my original which has suffered too much G, shed the covers and is in danger of a major structural failure. It is a fabulous read.

And 33 years on from publication with all the changes and advances in man*, machinery and manoeuvers that have taken place, how about an update Annette?

*man as in "homo sapiens"! I just like a bit of alliteration!
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By flighty tyke
"This might get donked, but remember there are alternatives to the beast that is Amazon.

I’m a huge fan of collecting 1st editions, or signed etc. Abebooks is usually my first port of call."

I hate to poop your party, but Abe is owned by Amazon!
By Chris Martyr
'Flight Without Formulae' was definitely a bible for anyone studying to fly , or to be an engineer . [or both] Not sure I would take it to bed with a cup of tea though . It would be a bit like taking an old school theory book for a bit of relaxing bedtime reading .
Pythagoras wasn't a bad bloke , but he needs to know his place .... :D

Flyingfemme wrote:Spreading My Wings                      Diana Barnato Walker

Now that's a bit more like it . Another [lady] aviator who had led a fantastic life , even without the aviation content . She was attending air shows well into old age and still managed to exude a degree of glamour that only a certain type of person can carry off .

I'm going to have to stop reading this thread . Before my bookcase topples over . :D
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By kanga
tomshep wrote:And related to a Bentley Boy judging by the surname.

<Continuing drift :oops: > ..

.. and, as unearthed during a TV programme a few years ago, to Esther Rantzen, which was news to the latter .. </>
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flighty tyke wrote:OCB
"This might get donked, but remember there are alternatives to the beast that is Amazon.

I’m a huge fan of collecting 1st editions, or signed etc. Abebooks is usually my first port of call."

I hate to poop your party, but Abe is owned by Amazon!

...which is partly why i mentioned the somewhat unloved Project Gutenberg.

Even Abe, almost always, costs less than effin Kindle and “vanilla” Amazon.
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Dave W wrote:The Vampire in The Shepherd ended up in East Anglia (originally heading for RAF Lakenheath), and was returning home from Northern Germany (RAF Celle).

...and the Alan Maitland rendition has been a Christmas Day ritual of mine for many a year - thanks to this forum!

G’night...and God Bless
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By condor17
OCB , I thinks ...
'''''''''''''''''''''The story has been broadcast "nearly every Christmas since 1979" in Canada on the CBC Radio One news programme As It Happens.[1] Read by Alan Maitland, the recording always airs on the last episode on or before Christmas Eve. ''''''''''''''''
When first read , Being a Naarfick 'Boi ; I tried to work out which was Marham , Colt , or Horsham St Faiths ? Or any of the older fields around ? Have to ask FF to get a definite answer I guess .

25 years later , Christmas Eve . Hanover to Manc , and on to Glasgow . Out over the N. Sea , off airways , direct Manc. Cold , clear , moonlit night , light fog over E Anglia . FL180 instead of FL270 [ 2 whacking great props whirring round ] . Felt quite eerie , shiver up the spine time .
Mitigated that somewhat by having an f/o alongside , 2 Glasgow 'gurls in the back and full up with 64 and a few lap sitters [ under 2 ] . Topping it all was a carol ceilidh in the cabin by a few of the bigger kids over the PA . Heard by us as we had an open door policy.
Eastern radar were not busy , so called the kids up front and Eastern from an headset mic ; got a 3 minute rendition of Silent Night over the VHF as we overflew 'Naarfick .

CM , don't think I ever took it to bed , well not after discovering 'gurls . Just it's the tattiest ; along with 'forementioned and some others in tatters .
The Shepherd .
J L Seagull .
+ other Bachs ...
Stranger to the Ground. F-84 , Wethersfield to Chaumont
through bad wx at night .
Nothing by Chance.
A Gift of Wings.

Sigh for a Merlin .
Island Pilot .
Fate is the Hunter .

A few picked up in the US c1983 ; from ''Aviators'Bookshelf '' .
The Flying North Jean Potter , VG . History of Alaskan bush pilots . ISBN 0-553-23946-5
Mislaid [ lent out ? ] ; as is a signed John Farley 'View from the Hover ' ...
The Sky Beyond , Sir Gordon Taylor , VG . pioneering transcontinentaal/ Pacific flying/navigating B4 radio aids etc.
ISBN 0-553-23949-X

rgds condor.
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Rather than everyone trotting out their favourites each time this subject arises, why don't we have a sticky thread somewhere with them?

ISTR I collated some responses in a thread a few years back (possibly one referenced above) and it wouldn't be hard to do so again to include more recent publications and additions.

Just a suggestion.

Carry on.

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