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Rob P wrote:Has it been confirmed if this flight was chavball related?
I thought they largely used light twins, or has this changed recently?

I thought "charter" PA-46's were the footballers preferred .... :shock: sorry, bad taste....No, that doesn't happen any more, stoppit... :oops:
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AlanM wrote:Looks like it is in the runway strip on the Edge of the RET. Have a look at the google satellite view at the RET design.

So yes, a large aircraft that has probably not vacated past the holding point is probably a “safety” concern and perhaps not over the top

It looks like they departed the paved surface on a high speed turn off.
The taxiway abruptly narrows after the turnoff, with no warning. If unfamiliar an accident waiting to happen, very poor taxiway layout.

It happened on this RET, looks like a very poor design, maybe they weren't on the taxiway centreline.

Then the question is why weren't they on the taxiway centreline? There's no edge lighting so the centreline is all you have.

I'm based at Liverpool and never noticed that the taxiway narrows. Not much of an issue in a 182 :wink:
Last I heard...2 huge cranes had been brought in to lift the aircraft back on to solid ground....can anybody confirm this.

I suppose if there are no strong points on the aircraft to pull it from the soft ground...they don't have much choice.

When I saw the local HGV wrecker truck running its powerful winch cables out to the jet...I remember thinking....gee guy its not a 44 ton artic which is what they are use to pulling....I do hope your insurance company will be happy with what your about to do.
FlightDek wrote:Then the question is why weren't they on the taxiway centreline?

Once Upon A Time I got a bollocking from an instructor for not following the centreline (I reckoned that I could see where I was going and there was plenty of room, but I was told that wasn't the point). These days I do follow the centreline.