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@JAFO I have 2 PPL Masterclasses this coming week, hence busy tonight .... would be full but someone has had to drop out of the Thursday one at Compton Abbas due work. If you or anyone wants to sign up, I will make sure I find out by then!
But I seem to remember something saying 945 could so ssea, I bet Cookie's memory is better than mine. If so, the instructor would have had to finish the hour. The point is I know I can do them, so I don't need to trouble memory storage about it, it will be searchable somewhere.
Stu B wrote:Patowalker said
LAPL privileges on a PPL with a LAPL medical are coming to EASAland soon

(My bold)
If that change did not also come in on 11 Nov as part of the changes covered in this thread, I have been flying illegally for the past 2 months. :(

Oops! ... 50&from=EN

FCL.040 Exercise of the privileges of licences
The exercise of the privileges granted by a licence shall be dependent upon the validity of the ratings contained therein, if applicable, and of the medical certificate.
For anyone in this same position this received today from the CAA

Thank you for your email received, please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to you.

Hours obtained on a 3-axis microlight cannot be used towards the SEP revalidation by experience requirements for an SEP rating held on an EASA PPL (A), they can only be used towards the hours requirement for an SEP rating held on a UK PPL(A). This is because microlights are not covered by Part-FCL regulation so unfortunately it is not possible to credit any flying time from microlight flying towards the Part FCL licence or rating.

I hope this clarifies your query.