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By Dave W
riverrock wrote:...Funke ... I'd struggle to recommend them.

I'd go further: I would NOT recommend them.

Our TRT800H transponder works fine for basic functionality, but their claims for anything more are inconsistent or misleading, their pricing is shocking and and their customer service woeful.

And saying that was no struggle at all. :D

Trig are just the opposite. Great products and great people. :thumleft:
By PeteM
FWIW I have a 550 with both the rechargeable and dry battery options.

It works well as a pure handheld, even better with a headset and 'spare' external aerial. You do have to dive into the menus however to get it to work properly with the headset adapter - which might answer the query about using it with the Sigtronics intercom.....
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By Boxkite
timjenner wrote:They seem to be in the region of fifty quid, which for a simple 1800mah li-ion battery feels steep. Closer to £25 would feel more realistic to me!
£25 will buy an old-tech Ni-MH chinese copy for a discontinued Icom 25Khz radio.
So no chance for a current Li-ion Yaesu.