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By rf3flyer
PaulSS wrote:@rf3flyer I just assumed the the black bits were the top and bottom of the two photos, taken in portrait.

Ah, right, I didn't think of that.
By steviem
We have been using an AVMAP Ultra for about a year in our C42. It was simple to installImage
as replacement for a regular VSI, a little bit of a faff to calibrate but once calibrated it’s been flawless in operation. I bloomin love it. It’s got more capability than the garmin and it’s perfectly readable in bright sunlight. It’s just not quite as “pretty” as the G5 but unless that’s your priority or you’ve got other other Garmin boxes to connect to I can’t see a reason not to opt for it at the price point.

One feature that hasn’t been mentioned here is an emergency capability to navigate using a form of inertial nav ie without any form external reference including a GPS signal. You’re going to be having a bad day if you have to rely on that but it’s there.

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By PaulSS
That looks a neat unit. I don't know how the price tag of £1310 will affect decision making against, for instance, £745 of the AvMap kit.
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By TheFarmer
I like that one @Cub , especially with the way it’s recessed nicely in the instrument hole.

I suppose I need to decide if I want to pay an additional £700 for the sleekness that it offers.

I’m still pretty much decided on the Avmap though from what I’ve read about it.

@steviem - when you say it was a faff to calibrate, what do you mean? Do you mean the visual airspeed range etc? Or the levels?
By User72
I've just installed a Garmin G5, removed the T&S and a few minutes later was done (already had a handy GPS antenna). Can't see any reason to use anything else.
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By pilotbarry
I had an Avmap Ultra in my Jodel 1051. Easy to install and use. Then I sold the aircraft and bought a Condor to keep Michael P happy and fitted a Kanardia Horis. Of the two I prefer the Horis but there was nothing wrong with the Ultra, I just thought the installation was better.