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By MikeW
Oh the Jerusalem one. Interesting mods.
I had a SAN DR1051 that was factory converted to a DR1050M (O200)
Does the Lyc change the performance much?
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By Dave W
Yes, the one Mark C flew to Jerusalem. I never flew the aircraft with 105hp Potez fitted, but I had a share for some years in a DR1050M1 Sicile Record: so same wing (as unmodified 1051), same fuselage and 100hp O-200.

I flew both several times from the same strip on same day; the 115hp O-235 and flaps do make a significant positive difference in performance (allowing for prop differences too), as you might expect. But the Jodel wing shows its mettle throughout, naturally.
By MikeW
Dave W wrote: DR1050M1 Sicile Record

Negligible differences between my M Excellence and your M1 Sicile Record. Super a/c but a bit more power must be nice in your current one.
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By low&slow
The Horis can do magnetic heading but needs a separate sensor fitted. I've had a 57mm Horis in my glider for a couple of years, easily my favourite instrument but then I've no experience of any of the others.
By MikeW
Overall everyone seems pretty happy with what they chose :) but maybe a slight query over the MGL - for which I would have to make a new panel anyway.
The GRT does look good but I couldn't find a UK dealer and I think it would be top end of price range.
By thegasguy
I have the Avmap Ultra in my D117, it's been brilliant. Magnetic heading works fine.
The 'pseudo' VOR and ADF are excellent.
I used them touring France and Belgium this year as backup to SD.
I agree the Horizon could just save your life crossing the Channel.
There is a software update a mate did for me that makes the QNH quicker to set.
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By Duncan M
Gas guy, would you mind posting a picture of your panel?
I have a 117 in need of some panel changes, would be interested to see your upgraded panel.
By Duncan M
I remember seeing a small write up in a recent LAA Mag for a relatively cheap EFIS.
Called pilot aero or something similar. As I remember it was £400 or so and would also show pilotaware display.