Primarily for general aviation discussion, but other aviation topics are also welcome.
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Chris Martyr wrote:
TheFarmer wrote:And the evening was enjoyed watching the balloons

Blimey mate . Lucky the Tiger Club Turbulent's were not in the vicinity..... :pirat:

Dont be silly,

no member of the Tiger Club has ever flown that high, even with oxygen! :)
Flew up to Eshott for the second time in a week yesterday. Never been along the NE coast before, it was a lovely flight.

Makes a nice change to do long flights in CAVOK.

Purpose of the visit was a waste of time though :roll:

I’m looking for a tidy well looked after taildragger.
Maxthelion wrote:Also, like a couple of others on here, there is the aerobatic competition season and the off-season. A lot of my flying has revolved around that for the last few years.

Me too, it is one of the few drawbacks of competition flying, you have to wait for next season!

I am currently trying to figure out my training plan for next season - obsessed? Who, me? :oops:

For grass strip flying
Some avionics
Low wing pref
Something nice and tidy
LAA Permit
Willing to compromise
Recently sold a lovely Super Cub 150 which I tried for just over a year, didn't suit my body :D
Had a detailed look at a Glastar that ticked all the boxes but...........don't ask!
Do you definitely need 150hp?? Would you consider a Rotax 912 series engine powered a/c?

Within the LAA , there are lots of STOL types with 100hp 912 engines that’ll fit the rest of your requirements. If you want 150 hp and an LAA Permit I kind of feel like you’re limiting your options.

Most two seat 100hp 912 aircraft will perform (in terms of STOL) even better than their 150hp Lycoming machine equivalent and with much less running cost too.

A Jodel 140 would suit you perfectly, but good luck finding one. Roomy, powerful (160hp), fast, and great off strips. Uber cool too. 8)
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I know Waveflyer isn't of my ample proportions, but there's virtually nothing 912 powered which I can actually comfortably fit in.

Just mulling over something, what's the actual difference between an Aeronca Champ and a Citabria? Would it be at all possible to re-engine a Champ with a 150hp (or 160hp) Lycoming? (or an O-290? 135hp?) I would then think W&B you'd probably need to fly it solo from the back but I obviously haven't done any sums! ;-)
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