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ChampChump wrote:It's the best of times and the worst of times. Shorter days, more fog, gales and just weather, balanced by all the good things mentioned already. The quality of the light is rather special.

As we reach winter, in whichever iteration it is each year, the really glorious days take on a much higher value. IMO.

No photo unless I go a-googling to resize a photo.

if you're a windows person
just open it in paint
click resize
select 50% (or 25% if you've got a really big one)
Hear, hear. Sample of one, I did a short bimble last night just before sunset and it was magic, calm and clear as described in the OP. Instead of getting back to the strip before dark I just wanted to keep flying until after dark then land at Southend for the night. However, good sense and consideration for my other half prevailed. I do now know that the lights on the, newish to me, shareoplane work so now desperate for some night flying.
Dull late afternoons with overcast and still air. Perfect first solo conditions. No glare, no shadows and no wind. Autumn flying then cold crisp days of Winter. Gin clear vis and dry air for prop, engine and wings to bite on. Little turbulence, flying weather!