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By Shrek235
Hello. Does anyone have any recent experiences of flying in Poland? I am interested in views on how helpful ATC etc is to GA rather than routings? End goal at the moment might be Krakow. Not sure if Krakow is GA friendly, not got that far in my planning. Wanted to fly to Vagar but don't, currently, trust the aircraft 100% to sit over the North Atlantic for any length of time - guess it would be a quick death. :shock: :lol: Thanks.
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By chevvron
The late Keef mentioned he had been to Poland on a thread here; he intended to land at the Szczecin Aeroclub just outside the city, but diverted to Goleniow which is very busy, being equipped with ILS and having about 6 scheduled flights per day!
He was very well treated he said even though he hadn't booked.
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By letpmar
I have flown in Poland quite a bit in the last 2 Years. Warsaw and Poznan sort of area mostly, I have also done Krakow. I would be happy to talk over things.
I am planning to organise a fly out there next year basing ourselves at EPLS Leszna

07976 262833
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By Jonzarno
I flew IFR to Lublin last week.

Landing fees and a day’s parking ca £40 for an SR22; Avgas available at just over £2 per litre.

ATC was helpful and professional, overall an entirely painless experience.
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By Dave W
I've flown VFR in Poland twice in the last couple of months, with another trip planned for next week. (Krepa EPSK, Rzeszow EPRJ and Leszna EPLS)

I'd agree with the above; pleasant and helpful FISOs/ATCOs and generally simple airspace. Watch out for military airspace activated by NOTAM - the airspace is not always well represented at a glance on charts/SkyDemon, so anticipation from pre-planning is key (as ever).

They are keen on filing of VFR flightplans, including for flights within Poland.

@letpmar, the fuelling point at Leszna is fun, isn't it? Run in conjunction with the road petrol station on the other side of the airfield fence. :D
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By letpmar
I thought pulling up to the service station to fuel was great. The guys there are trying to get it on the map. That is why I said to them I would try to take a group down next year

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By Kemble Pitts
I landed at Szczecin-Dabie in June 2018.

The admin staff seemed fairly uninterested and there was no way of buying avgas. It seemed that the only way to acquire fuel of any sort was to walk to the fuel station somewhere nearby (luckily we had enough to get to where we were going in Germany).

No cafe but there was a fairly low grade tea/coffee machine.

The piloting types, though, were most friendly and keen to talk aeroplanes and the like and showed us around the hangar.

Nice to get it in the log-book.
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By Shrek235
LysanderV8 wrote:@Shrek235
Enterprising! I will look forward to the trip report :thumright:

Hahaha. I have the basic route plogged and subject to some tweaking I am happy with it. Just need to get through my medical before I commit. :pale: :D