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By defcribed
Planning on taking the Vagabond away on a mini-adventure for a week.

Can anyone suggest airfields or strips which allow (or even cater for and encourage) camping under the wing?

Some sort of tour of part of the UK coastline would be nice.
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By Paul_Sengupta
Shobdon has campsite facilities on the airfield. Or they used to. Probably still have. Eggesford have a loo. Roserrow have full facilities either in the golf club or in the leisure centre. Laddingford have a loo and a shower.
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By Wicksay
I can see this being a fantastic way to build hrs, travel light and cheap and add exploration to what is already a life affirming adventure. So.. just need ppl, cheap wings, bit of courage and some stowage for "breakfasts in a tin....."
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By Miscellaneous
@defcribed, don't let them sway you. Stick with your desire to fly coastlines. Much more interesting flying than field after field of little difference, it also has the added benefit of encouraging eyes out. :lol:
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By defcribed
TheFarmer wrote:You’re welcome at one of mine.

Free landings and free camping.

Take-off fees are £37 plus VAT.


Where are yours? Any near the coast?