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By berbles
So... a question about electric bikes.

My experiments have shown that one full-size, wheels off bicycle in a travel bag will fit in the back of a C182.
But not two.

So to plan a weekend away cycling in the Ile de Re or Lelystad with the wife we need something foldable. A folding eBike sounds like a solution.

So we experiment with that and yes, two folding eBikes in travel bags fit neatly on the back seats, secured with seat belts.

Perfect, you may say?

I know the 300W battery counts as "Dangerous Goods" on a commercial airline: I get that, but allegedly (according to a Director of The Dangerous Goods Office) this also prohibits its carriage in a GA aircraft.

In practice the batteries can come out of the bikes and go in a plastic bag which can be hoisted overboard if they even smell hot (not something easily achieved at EasyJet), so I'm not too worried about actually taking them, but it would be interesting to hear other forum members take on the legalities of this situation?
By riverrock
Legally, I think (happy to be corrected) the batteries are defined as dangerous goods by the UN.
As such they are subject to ... ion/3/made (which uses the UN definitions of dangerous goods).
Which means you have to get an approval using ... il&id=4543
as it doesn't separate out GA.
However, will anyone check?

refs: ... xemptions/ ... il&id=4543 ... tions.aspx

As I say - happy to be corrected!
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By Rob P
Alternatively, just get real bikes

Rob P
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By reimomo
There, I think, is your answer.

If you're even remotely able-bodied you won't need any assistance to ride a bike around either of those locations.
By Boxkite
pete2052 wrote:And that is the stupidy of it all....I always carry dangerous goods in my aircraft... liferaft and life jackets!

and an explosive liquid.