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Cheers for that input @LysanderV8 . I am always happy to take on board the wisdom of somebody with a little more insight than I .

[That's probably most of them here,, :D ]

But seriously , I am rather excited that a new phase could be about to begin for SHM . Despite being very critical of its recent past , I have a bit of a soft spot for the old place , as I was introduced to GA at Shoreham back in the early 1970s , when an old retired policeman took me up in a C.172 . I'm sure he rented it from Toon . I distinctly remember rwy 03/21 being grass back then . This same old boy had a funny little VW powered single seater in his garage . Which from the knowledge I have now , believe was probably a Tipsy Nipper . I'd love to know if it ever flew .

But re: the forthcoming fly-in . Let's pray for a good day weather-wise and that a new era for SHM is just around the corner .

..........Oh and @malcolmfrost :D . I have arrival slot #10 and I promise no 'Jumbo circuits' and will attempt to vacate expeditiously ... :D
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With an aerial picture like that and a karting club called 'Bunbury City Kart Club' I had to see what Bunbury is all about.

Never heard of it (my bad) - but City?

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By PaulSS
I agree; the Australians have an optimistic view of what constitutes a city. However, Bunbury does have a cathedral (albeit a Carp one that is no bigger than a standard church) and, therefore, it gets the 'city' moniker.

All that having been said, a lovely (free) runway and unlimited airspace all around. They can call it whatever they want for that :D


PS: I used to live in West Sussex and fly a 182 from Shoreham. I liked the place and will go back there if they reduce the landing fee and I'm in the UK (just to get back to the original thread).
By TopCat
LysanderV8 wrote:I’m advised that landing fees at Shoreham will probably reduce slightly next month .....

mmcp42 wrote:hee hee by Christmas they'll be paying us to land then!

Or it's going A/G permanently and the instrument approach will be withdrawn.

In which context, why aren't the NDB/DME approaches in the EGKA AIP entry?