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Looking for an airfield halfway enroute from London to San Sebastián for a comfort break and lunch - ie something with a decent on site place to eat. Any recommendations?

(Needs to be port of entry)
(Not La Rochelle - fancy something new)
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marioair wrote:Good shoot - only an extra 30nm
Good restaurant on site? Can’t see anything on www

There was an excellent restaurant on site the last time I went there , in fact it is the restaurant for the hotel just across the car park.There is also a cafe downstairs.

It is a Ryanair destination, so the usual caveats apply. BP card worked fine.

This was a couple of years ago, so needs checking.
matthew_w100 wrote:
GrahamB wrote:...BP card worked fine.

Does that mean ordinary credit cards/cash *don't* work fine?

I have no idea, as I used the BP card, and I don’t recall the details of the process. Having said that, we paid for the landing and parking fees by CC at the ops desk, so I’d imagine it wouldn’t be a problem. Most pilots in France don’t carry a BP card.

Have you looked at the AIP? :wink: