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By Sooty25
Yeah, go on, spill the beans, my existing roll-up is on its last legs and needs sorting before winter sets in. Your method might be better than my existing.
TheFarmer wrote:Yep. It’s what I’ve used and it cost about £300 if you go about it in a clever way. Happy to share my system via PM if you want (so as not to bore others)

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I bought 4 rolls of said material, about 10 years ago, unfortunately, that particular manufacturer has ceased worked -out at a bit over £2.00 a square meter. heavy thread , from ARK in Manchester or other good haberdashery wholesalers.....I bought industrial spools from Oxley threads at Guide Bridge.

Sewing-machine for sail-making or leatherwork , with a walking-foot is ideal, alternatively, spray with silicone to ensure the vinyl slips through and does not stick and ruckle- up.

The same material is used in soft- play centres and commercial bouncy-castles....It is fire-resistant grade.