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Due to weather, I'm pushing it to complete my 12 hours required for to keep my licence valid. I need another 4 before the end of this month. (September 19) For the last few years I've been flying tailwheel only and currently hiring a Supercub.

I'm in Ipswich, is there any examiners in the area who could do the test for me plus provide the aircraft? Please PM.

jaycee58 wrote:Andrewsfield may be your best bet or, if you're happy to take a trip up the A140, Old Buckenham have an examiner. Both have aircraft. Not sure if there's any examiners based at Rougham but it could be worth asking them.

If you’re talking about Linda Smith, she’s no longer instructing at Old Buck. I believe she’s now at Tibenham. Brian Salter does instruct at Old Buckenham and is an examiner, but I think mainly instructs at Seething. Might be worth calling John or Joff at Old Buck Aero Club for a definitive answer...

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rusty eagle wrote:Thanks Steve, PM sent. Hopefully the weather and acft availability will cooperate next week so I can complete the hours!

If you have done the required hours you only need an FI or CRI (with .945 Sign off on their licence). You don’t need an examiner - or a proficiency check. You only need these if you haven’t done enough hours to qualify for “revalidation by experience”.
SteveC wrote:I think he was aware of that Lefty. His plan is to get the hours flown to revalidate by experience but if he does not then he will need a proficiency check with a tailwheel experienced Examiner to which I arranged with him to be available should the need arise.

Understood - cheers.