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By AlanM
I hear what you say. As long as people know the difference.... ;-)

As an aside, I am not a fan of “land after” personally - as most read back cleared to land.
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By Gertie
Josh wrote:setting a bottom line of how far you’re going to take the approach before throwing it away

In the flare for me. I won't continue flying along a couple of feet above the runway for more than half a second or so.
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By PaulSS
You could always say 'judy' (fighter control speak) :twisted:

Not if he's visual. 'Judy' means you have the picture sorted on radar and happy to take over the intercept. It tells the fighter controller that you don't need his help any more and to look out for other bad guys instead. 'Visual' means you can see the good guys. 'Tally' means you can see the bad guys.

I'm with Balliol and Talkdownman on this. 'Final' is a position. Just say you're there, when you're there. I don't want to hurry someone to take-off, so I'll just let them do their thing and if they're still on the ground then I'll go around; it's no big deal. Of course, in an ATC environment I'll call my position and do as I'm told by ATC.

There is nothing in any manual that I've ever read to suggest a call is not made if someone is still on the runway etc. More spurious nonsense spouted by someone who thought it was a good idea and, probably because he was an instructor, was taken as law by someone less experienced. Read the books and we can all stick to the standard script instead of making stuff up.
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By matspart3
chevvron wrote:
flybymike wrote:“Land after” may be given by ATC with another aircraft still on the runway subject to certain conditions.

One condition is that the aircraft on the runway is also landing, not departing.

*except at Gatwick, Manchester and Gloucester, where ‘land after the departing’ is approved.
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By foxmoth
I see this a lot where I am, also people waiting to call for departure until the approach and runway is clear, what the happens is that just as the runway clears someone comes on the radio with a long drawn out call and the chance to get the call in disappears! If you make your call when you are in the right place then the controller/FISO can put a hold on the other guy and clear you, if you have not made your call then he will be busy replying to the other guy and you may miss your opportunity to land/take off.
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By Gertie
foxmoth wrote:if you have not made your call then he will be busy replying to the other guy and you may miss your opportunity to land/take off.

Plenty of times I have been cleared to land having not had a chance to call "final". The controller will, eventually, say something along the lines of "station calling ... stand by, break break, G-CD clear land".
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By mikehallam
"Finals" is distinctive and for pilots and controllers has an unequivocal meaning, whilst the singular pendantic version could also, in another context, mean something else entirely.
Regardless please avoid West Sussex as we ancient flyers are wont to call 'finals' - which I'm certain from your demands for the singular would likely give you apoplexy !