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Planning a flight to the Bol in September, from UK.
Familiar enough with flying in France, anyone been into Le Castellet in recent years, any tips, anything to watch out for?


The price list is hard to find on the website but is online here. Expensive by French standards but not too bad for the facilities and location.

Special rates apply for events (8000 euros minimum for F1 and all available slots were booked), but I doubt the Bol d'Or commands that much of a premium!

Let us know how you get on as I am interested in visiting.
We visited fifteen years ago or so.

It wasn't at a time when any racing was happening, and the little Colt was directed to park on a lonely bit of tarmac all of fifty yards from the terminal, probably to warrant the uniformed chauffeur starting up the shiny, ever so posh Espace to effect the transfer.

Can't remember the cost, but well worth it. They arranged a secluded hotel up in the forest on the hills above the airfield.

Always glad we chose to go there.

Of course, much may have changed

Rob P
patowalker wrote:
chinesespaceman wrote:..., anything to watch out for?

The pastis?

Great stuff but can be very dangerous if mishandled.
I flew in there in May, very straightforward. The RNAV is offset, but no big deal.

I was the only aircraft there, quite strange really. Taxi'd straight to the fuel pumps and refuelled on arrival, stayed 2 nights and left early in the morning. There was a bit of time waiting for release, due to rush hour I guess, but all ok in the end.

Costs were ok, service was excellent, if you need a hire car they deliver it to the door. Its the closest experience I have had to flying in the US, all thanks to Bernie.
I did my solo qualifying cross country into there in 1987 in an ARV ( two stroke engine and aircraft designed by land speed record holder Richard Noble)

No landing few in those days but a big problem finding someone to sign my official form to send off with my licence application.

Eventually the President of the aerobatic club based on airfield found a very official looking stamp in the office draw and signed my form.