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By foxmoth
I have long been an admirer of John Deakins Pelicans Perch articles from Avweb, these disappeared for a while but now seem to be back, for an index of the older ones see here ... rch-index/ for the later ones click on the link at the top (row of black boxes), he does some really good ones on engine management. I would particularly recommend 7,8,15,16,18,19,43,63-66,77,78 and 84.
happy reading!
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By Flyin'Dutch'
They are the proverbial dog's b*******ks for anyone wanting to know more about engine and aeroplane management.

THink I must have read every one of them - and it is not just that the theory is good, applying it in practice is easy and rewarding.

I can second your recommendation thoroughly.
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By lobstaboy
Thank you foxmoth. Not seen these before. Excellent!
Particularly liked (of the posts I've read so far) nearly landing gear up in a 747.
Lessons for everybody.
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By defcribed
Agreed, essential reading for engine management. The perfect antidote to what the average PPL is taught about mixture/the lever for turning the engine off.
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By foxmoth
neilmurg wrote:I prefer 'adding nuance', and remind myself that it's still my job to decide what my best info is

If you read #3 I think he says much the same!