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I discovered today that to stand a chance at this spot landing competition lark, one has to actually let the wheels touch the grass :lol:
Who would have thought :D

Well done Roger, Phil, the Redhill ATC team and everyone else for putting this on and allowing the entry fee to go to the air ambulance. :thumright:

The yellow peril...aka ‘Spot 37’ 8)
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At least he got the wheels down on all three.
[\excuse mode engage] Having not landed this particular T67 since Feb 2018 , I forgot how much they float....but reckon I was improving towards the actual target :wink: [\excuse mode off]

Haven’t laughed so much for ages, after that first go around!

I was just imagining Rog shaking his head and the tower guys cracking up as I shot past the cones and into the air having totally failed to get the wheels down :D
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Huntj86 wrote:I was in the tower, watching the attempts - everyone did really well, very tough conditions. If I could get Facebook to publish the video, we could all watch it back and have a laugh. Good on the aerodrome for being so helpful and accommodating.

Yes, challenging but surprisingly good fun. Many thanks indeed to Rog for setting it all up - and who cut a lonely figure sitting by 26R to do the judging; to the chaps in the Tower and the aerodrome; and to the Hub for providing the food.

All best wishes

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