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Quite by accident, I was fortunate to see these two Harriers in the flesh at the Maintenace organisation tasked with getting them flying.
Whilst the Harrier has some obvious differences, this organisation has successfully brought several ex military jets, of very mixed provenance, back into civilian flying status - and continues to maintain them in flying status.
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cockney steve wrote:If , as suggested, the holder of the Type- Certificate rescinds it, then it becomes an orphan and therefore comes under the aegis of the LAA, shirley?

Yes, I appreciate it's stretching the perceptions of "Light Aircraft" a bit. :P

But IIRC the delegated authority granted by CAA to LAA has limits on MAUW, installed power, speed .. outside those limits, the authority would remain with the CAA, who would grant (or refuse) a Permit to Fly.

I’m aware of another quite surprising type (not jet) currently flying on a foreign register which the LAA may be inclined to accept. It does not fit the regular LAA criteria either. Times are changing.
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