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By Rob P
I think an MoT will suffice. But we could have a word with the LAA, however I'm not sure they are keen on multi-engine

Rob P
Had a CX saloon,then got a Familiale estate. Brilliant when the kids were little.....1- on back bench seat, 2 in middle row,with the empty 3 rd seat between them, and parents up front. eliminated the usual sibling wars :P
Stuck a towbar on it and it would quite happily cruise at 80-ish dragging a big caravan (or so I was told :wink: )
I grew up coveting a "Goddess" (DS) and seemed to be the only mechanic willing to touch the hydro-pneumatics , other than an outfit across the moors in Holmfirth. They scrapped all their stock when the pool of CX,s got too small to sustain their business.

Rolls- Royce licensed the braking and suspension systems for the Silver Shadow and it's replacement the Spirit.-although it was much -modified from the Citroen setup. Loved my CX's but rust-buckets!
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