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Dominie wrote:No, I read the AIC and ticked the box at 1500 on 30 July. Presumably I wasn't meant to book that day, but how can someone delete my booking and not even tell me?

I have a perfectly valid email that says "This email is to confirm your fly-in slot booking: Booking reference: 47283105" with all my details. I could easily have simply turned up and landed without knowing that they have rescinded my permission.

Well, Sywell have not replied to my email but I am very happy to say that I just tried to book again and found that a slot 8 minutes after my original booking was available. Result! :D :D

I do wonder how many other people have had their slot cancelled without being told?
CloudHound wrote:Many of the Friday slots either side of my arrival didn’t use theirs.

I think the CAA’s revised AIC ensured a higher level of safety by reducing arrival to a trickle.

With a slot at 11am, the weather put me off (as per my post and, of course, any improvement later would have been of no use whatsoever as slots were already filled.
The Sywell team were brilliant as usual, and as accommodating as they could possibly be when taking into account delayed or early arrivals due to the weather.

I spoke with several people at Sywell over the weekend who had rebooked by telephone when it became obvious they could not make their original slot time. Others, who had driven in, said when they had called to cancel their slot they had been offered alternative arrivals time.

It was a good event and the system worked well in my experience.
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By User72
Overall I felt the air traffic service worked well. I have to admit that I've never got within half an hour of my slot time - no-one has ever complained. I flew in on Saturday and Sunday, both were quiet and could easily have accommodate more arrivals. Saturday in particular when I was the only aircraft in the circuit. Curious that the AIC insisted a read back of the QFE, I prefer QNH so read that back, seemed to suffice.
Since there could be a high risk of conflicting traffic we read the rules until we were almost able to recite them - too late to figure them out in air when you get there. The joining instructions quite clearly stated a requirement to set QFE for the airfield. You could be still on the bliddy Barnsley QNH or something when you arrive !
Left Wick at 07.30 and routed via Dundee and Fishburn on the way down and arrived about five minutes late on Thursday just after 17.00. Weather far north, prevented many of our acquaintances getting there however.
I sometimes wonder - we were about to get aboard for the flight out of Fishburn on the way home, 20 odd knots blowing down the steep hill runway, when another pilot and his mate, all geared up in Nomex stuff, and also about to leave comes over and asks “ are we going to take off down hill”. I ask you.
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