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By r_w_walker
I would like to fly in to this years LAA rally but all the slots are full.
Despite the request not to book more than one slot, 315 slots are booked to only 142 aircraft.
That is some pilots have booked two or three slots.
Some of the duplicates are with different pilots but most are the same pilot.
Perhaps the booking system could be programmed to prevent double and triple bookings in future?
There are slots available very early on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Book one and call up when you are delayed by a puncture on take-off. :)

If weather or unserviceability affects your slot by more than 15 mins, a new slot can be negotiated with Sywell AFIS by telephoning 01604 801630
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By muffin
You can probably have mine at Friday lunch time. Helicopters do not need fixed wing slots as we hop in across the back hedge without getting in anybody else’s way. However because their system insists my helicopter is not a helicopter it made me book a fixed wing slot instead.
ivor.phillips wrote:These will be the ones that would like to do the three days but cannot camp (for whatever reason )and hotels are booked a year in advance,
So no alternative to book three slots, that’s the way I see it,

That is why I have booked two slots, one each on Friday and Saturday evening -flying in with a different passenger each time.

(@The Farmer- stop that right now.... :roll: They are sadly both male and will be bringing their own tents!).
Not advisable to turn up without a slot time! From the AIC:-

An RA(T) will be in force for the event, including Thu 29 Aug between 1300-1700 UTC (1400-1800 BST) Permission to enter the RA(T) is via a confirmed slot time, and by following these procedures. Pilots must read these procedures carefully and
study in detail before departure from their home aerodrome. Pilots who have obviously not read these instructions will be refused entry into the RA(T) in the interests of flight safety. Any breaches of these instructions will be subject to a CA939 (Report on alleged infringements of air navigation legislation) Fully briefed is fully prepared.
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and let the perfectly adequate FIS at Sywell do it their own way. #getridoftheslot@Sywell

Aerodrome FISOs are also regulated by the CAA.

What do you think they should do?

Allow hundreds of pilots to arrive around the same time, arguing between themselves who should be number 2, 3 and 4 to land with all the limitations of see and avoid?
They have ATC though?

65 controllers and 16 teams of 4 people in each: ... ic-control

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