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By davef77
stevebakh wrote:Dave, I never get tired of watching Renaud Ecalle's opening rolling loop in that freestyle sequence. Love it.

Me too, he makes it look so calm and elegant.

I have had a go at flying the first half, not yet good enough to show anyone yet though :D
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I was spectating at WAC 2009, my first visit to an aeros competition. The flying was amazing with some interesting music choices (who chooses the music? I think Gerald Cooper flew to the Robert Miles track Children and earlier this year I was trying to find a clip of that for the Davef77 thread about music to fly to, and I came across that Renaud Ecalle clip again. Awesome!).
I remember my father saying did that guy just roll around a circle? Yup!

Renaud's trophy was enormous.
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By LavanyaLea
foxmoth wrote:
unless the latter 2 could be had for £175 per hour.........

Well we are not far off in our Ma5 at £180/hr dual or solo!

Wow :thumleft: I’m based in Liverpool, this sounds great! I had just been thinking about learning some aeros when this thread was started so it’s all been very informative! I’ll be in touch Barnstormers :D and maybe in a few weeks time I can report back on this forum from a newbie perspective the difference between flying high powered vs moderately powered tailwheel biplanes!
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By Ridders
I was at WAC 2009 (we flew into turweston), I thought the French gentlemen's freestyle was bloody amazing...
There were quite a few from flyer forum there, by looks too..

I still have a treasured T-shirt from the day !