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Does anyone have any knowledge of a concrete airfield near to Trowbridge suitable for a beech baron to fly into tomorrow?

I’ve agreed to give a chap who is very ill a flight as he is picking up a camper van from there as it’s on his bucket list and he’s too uncomfortable to sit for hours in a car

(I appreciate the camper may not be the best thing for him to buy but it’s his call- I just need to see if I can get him close to there)

Thanks for any advice

Keevil is military (RAF) and strictly PPR. The Interservices Regional Gliding Competition is being held there at the moment, so they'll be very busy.

Most of the concrete runways near Trowbridge are military (Keevil, Colerne, Boscombe Down).

The nearest civilian concrete runways I can think of are Bristol International Airport (Lulsgate) and Cotswold Airport (Kemble).
By Lefty
AFSAG wrote:Thanks- I checked SkyDemon and saw keevil but there’s a prune thread from 2003 referring to military only.

You can but ask. Explain it is a “special “ flight, and ask if they can help. Just coz it is Military, doesn’t mean it is completely out of bounds. The local bosses can decide to let you land, if you ask nicely - and promise to have minimal impact on their operations. Eg don’t ask for fuel or special treatment. Just land, offload pax and get out of their way ASAP.
Thanks chaps for advice
Thx farmer but my short
Field technique isn’t that good yet!
Lefty- good advice re making a special case

We’ve had a chat- he is going to get a mate to drive him there and back and I’m taking him across to France for the day next weekend

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