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By Joe Dell
On Thursday evening I parked up an aircraft, shut all the boxes off, shut down and switched off the Master. Just about to disconnect my headset when I heard a female voice announce that she was downwind one zero, right hand. Didn't quite catch the call sign, but it was G reg.

Given that all power was off and we don't have a one zero. Anyone have an idea about what happened there? The call was loud and clear. I'm not going mad. Been mad for years. :(
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By carlmeek

2. Your handheld radio was on in the bag . Then it ran out of battery just after the transmission.

3. An over enthusiastic capacitor kept some of the radio circuitry on

4. An actual ghost

5. Call the men in white coats. It didn’t happen.

Option 1 made so little sense I deleted it!
By Joe Dell
Handheld on charge behind the bar. It was my first thought. My second thought has just dawned. Standby had been tuned to Linton. Our close neighbour. They have a one zero.
I reckon that's half the mystery solved. :) Now for the Meaning of Life.