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I was originally thinking of November, and on a rolling basis of ear-marked days, and that the weather could then decide.

ie November 2, 9, 16, 23 etc, until it’s a decent VFR day.

A hard runway to litigate heavy rain preceding the event, and a cafe that can cope with a sudden influx of 40 people.
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Iceman wrote:Turweston had a hard runway the last time that I looked :scratch: ?

Iceman 8)

Of course it has but it doesn’t have potentially three of them to cater for all wind directions

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Would a November date be a little late in the year for those aeroplanes (pilots too) that need more than an hour to get anywhere?

Sorry, it's not a good thing to post a negative thought on what is a welcome, positive thread. I was thinking of waiting for early morning fog to burn off and decreasing daylight hours & wondered if I should mention such matters.