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TheFarmer wrote:As always, with a bit of clever Admin intervention this morning to hide a load of flak I had....
As a result, my genuine aim to organise my third Forum fly in has rather lost enthusiasm from my perspective (in anticipation of yet more childish ridicule) so please can I ask someone else to take this on?

Shame really. Compton Abbas and Leicester were really great events with some good feedback.

That is a shame Farmer. Hopefully your enthusiasm will return soon.
GA needs people with enthusiasm!
Miscellaneous wrote:We'll see if we can get G-DRAM to come along and we can all try this out in the Sound of Mull. :D

I'm game. The water will make a change from getting the mouth full of Caribbean Sea I normally get whilst being dragged along behind the boat, head first, sans skis :D :shock: .

Iceman 8)
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The first fly-in I went to was, IIRC, 2012 at Leicester which i think was organised by The Farmer, at that time i was still in training.

Count me in providing it's somewhere within reach of my limited experience and budget.
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By Cub
Miscellaneous wrote:
Cub wrote:...(personally, I would love Mull)

Given TF's most recent post the decent thing would be for you to pick up the mantle and organise it.

I am not quite ready to organise a fly-in but I will definitely drive to a forum fly-in to meet up with friends old and new.
Definitely interested.
I fondly remember the very 1st flyer forum meet!
Unfortunately I'll only ever make weekends, and I've got more commitments than weekends. However I'll keep a good eye on this and see how it panns out. :thumleft:
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By PaulB
matthew_w100 wrote:OK Wellesbourne then. How about Friday 6th September for the weekday people and Saturday 7th for the weekenders, and if the Friday is rained off?

Now that’s a flipping good idea!