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I was thinking the other day, it’s been a while since the last big meet up. I know there are lots of small gatherings each week, but I recall a large Flyer congregation at Compton Abbas, and a few years before that up at Leicester. It didn’t take much effort to organise, and I think it’s time for another one (while we still have some airfields left... :D )

It would be the same format as usual, with an extra push to get some non-regulars along.

Hopefully a sticky page can be made, and (as before), a list of people intending to come with name, type, numbers etc in a regularly updated list.

Anyone up for it?

If so, there can be a brief discussion about venue and date, and then it’s all down to the weather.
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I organised a fly-in at Wick, over 10 years ago - 65 aircraft turned up, from as far away as Southern Ireland, Kent and Cornwall. I had expected about half a dozen !! It was the one and only time that Wick had at least 5 aircraft out over the sea on final, and ATC said it was a tremendous exercise for them ( they were warned that some homebuilts would turn up )
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As always, with a bit of clever Admin intervention this morning to hide a load of flak I had from a certain rather arrogant and snowflake Lockhaven Deus, some of his pompous posts were deleted.

As a result, my genuine aim to organise my third Forum fly in has rather lost enthusiasm from my perspective (in anticipation of yet more childish ridicule) so please can I ask someone else to take this on?

Shame really. Compton Abbas and Leicester were really great events with some good feedback.
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Cub wrote:...(personally, I would love Mull)

Given TF's most recent post the decent thing would be for you to pick up the mantle and organise it at Glenforsa. :thumright:

We'll see if we can get G-DRAM to come along and we can all try this out in the Sound of Mull. :D

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