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By derekf
Hi all,

Am looking to setup a group around (probably) a Seneca II (or later).

Am interested in getting some information on running costs from anybody currently owning one for budgeting around insurance, maintenance, fuel burn etc

I know what our Cherokee Six costs, and what our Cessna 310R costs and am expecting it to be somewhere between the two :)

Any info would be great!
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By Flyin'Dutch'
I fear that your hope that the Seneca would be cheaper than the C310 is probably not going to become reality.

C310 also much nicer to fly than the Seneca - certainly the II.

The Cessna a gentleman's carriage, the Seneca a street fighter.
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Fair enough.

By johnm
You could try and get in touch with Dave Chiswell at Alderney Flying Club, he has an N reg Senenca V
By R. Allison
Seneca 3 - 2018
£1100 P.A (for a £60K Hull value, also allowed a low time Pilot).

Annual - £7233
6M Check - £1368
Nav Database updates £600 PA
Props (3 BL, De-Iced) 6 Year o/h £11,158
(Exceptional year, Piston Rods scored, should normally be about £5K less).
The above maintenance values (apart from Props) typical over the last few years and haven’t varied much regardless of hours flown.

£6816 (Gamston)

Fuel Burn - 90LPH (for planning)

Does not include unscheduled repairs such as Cylinders, Starter Adapters, Alternators & Drive Couplings that I have had fail which can happen some years.

Hope that helps a bit