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Iceman wrote:I'm a west coast creature of habit, as you know.

Both know and fully understand. :thumright:

Since we're heading off piste (or should I say in to the rough?), is the Transatlantic trip report nearing completion? :D
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By Miscellaneous
peterlondon wrote:It's in Danger Area 703

Nowt to worry about, just give 'em a call. They are extremely accommodating. Will get you in in between if busy (although since the GR4 has gone I no longer know the definition of busy). And if quiet, as I experienced, they requested a fly by the tower so they could take some pics. We were in a Cub! :lol:
I note in my 1976 “Pooley’s” flight guide for Dornoch - “Windsock by Arrangement”
Thumbing through it now, what changes there must be.
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By peterlondon
Real shame about Roserrow ( renamed Polezeath ) reducing the LDA, their website states that there is now a road crossing the strip and the surface has a potentially damaging level difference between the grass and the road surface.

Seems a pity they couldn't achieve a level intersection as most visiting aircraft who might be coming to use the facilities will find 420m a little on the short side.
By WingedSupra
There is Ogbourne Downs near Swindon. It's on the final approach for 36 at Lower Upham, where I'm based. LU is not a very visitor-friendly airfield but the lovely Draycot Farm is literally 1 mile across the main road. Draycot Farm is 700 meters, 18/36. There is school and mx on site but no fuel.
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By defcribed
@peterlondon based on your original list it looks like you're after decent tracks worth visiting rather than whichever goat-ranch happens to be near a runway.

Le Touquet has a couple of good courses (la mer and la foret?) which make for a decent day out.

I once flew in to Manston to play Royal Cinque Ports, where I am a member, but sadly Manston is now closed.

Dornoch is on my list also.
Blackbushe is close to a million golf courses. Hartley Wintney and Fleet are closest, about 10 mins in a taxi. If you want to spend as much playing as flying in, Wentworth is about 20 mins away in a cab.
Flying in from the north, just south of Wokingham there is *gulp* a disused golf course!