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MichaelP wrote:Slobs getting on board your aircraft, flip flops, hairy stomachs sagging over the belts, rude people, smelly people...
In the ‘overpaid’ 80’s and especially before, people would be ashamed to board an airliner looking like that.
It’s a culture descending into “I don’t care”.

What about your passengers, though?
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What about your passengers, though?

Most big people here can’t get in the aeroplane.
And I can be selective :) I’m not paid to carry passengers.

But flying in the back of an airliner I often have to share with the smelly...
Such is life.

I get to share with people who are sometimes out to kill me 8)
RisePilot wrote:Regarding strikes, pilot and ATC jobs can disappear in an instant. I assume most remember the following:

I'm not for someone being mistreated at their job; however I am pro "find another job if this one is not for you".

What about if all the other jobs also involve being mistreated? Luckily we are still just about (but perhaps not for long) in a country where the right to withhold labour is protected by law. We only enjoy the employment rights we have because of earlier industrial struggles and sacrifice, as Frank pointed out. It's no coincidence that as the unions' power has gradually been stripped away, real wages have declined or stopped growing and the one percent are getting richer. Be careful what you wish for. I support the pilots taking industrial action. The diplomatic use of force by organised labour is a legitimate component of industrial relations.
Big Airways pilots are well paid, but would passengers be happier paying even less and their pilot being on minimum wage?
To paraphrase Alan Shepherds quote,
"It's a very sobering feeling to be up at 35,000 feet and realize that one's safety factor was determined by someone on the minimum wage”
malcolmfrost wrote:Big Airways pilots are well paid, but would passengers be happier paying even less and their pilot being on minimum wage?

Fatality rates are higher per mile in Taxiis, buses and trains. Would passengers be happy paying less and.... Yes they would.
For all the ground staff, clerical roles, manual tasks etc. etc. the standard benchmark starting point in the 'well I could get a job working for 'X' at....' conversation is Tesco's currently paying £12/hour with reasonable benefits, allowances, pension contributions etc. for stacking shelves, max flexibility, as many or as little hours as you want. From that starting point, the value given to any other role is being debated and benchmarked.
The airline industry is a funny one because so many people want to get in to it knowing that 90% of people employed within it won’t earn much, and then they whinge when they don’t earn much.