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By lutonwho
I’ve binge watched this weekend, on episode 25 and I love it, even ordered a cap, which I will never wear, but the proceeds go to a great cause. What I love is that it isn’t all about him or Buffalo Airways, he shares his platforms very generously with other DC 3 restoration projects, such as “Night Fright” from Coventry.
It is also very enlightening to see how the other characters from Ice Pilots come across as much more “likeable” without the filter of a TV production company spinning the narrative.
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By Melanie Moxon
I really hope this remains an independant thing driven by Mikey and the crew rather than something that is picked up by a TV company, because that would ruin it.

Season two has been announced and the aircraft being saved this time is a Fokker DR-1, should be interesting.
By Bob Upanddown
Young Earthrounder by the name of Matt Guthmiller has posted some videos on You Tube featuring flying the DC3 from US to UK earlier this year (one also features Mikey and his DC3).
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By Miscellaneous
johny5 wrote:The whole thing seems incredible

The astounding fact of the whole DC3 rebuild for me is how they managed to get the paperwork processed in the timescale. That's incredible! :wink:
By cockney steve
The voice grates at times, and this seems more a"chequebook" restoration, unlike the Pateys, who do seem to get their hands dirty,as well as having very deep pockets and amazing facilities . No doubt both facilities have a history of competent and trustworthy engineering which has the respect of the "competent authority " who then merely need to wield a big rubber -stamp.

This is by no means to demean the efforts of a wealthy man who can spread so much cheer and bonhomie at O'dark o'clock in temperatures that would freeze the balls off a Brass Monkey* :thumleft:

A brass Monkey was a frame on the gun-deck of a Galleon,It restrained a pyramid-stack of cannon-balls. Brass contracts and expands more and faster than cast-iron balls.......if the restraint contracts too much........
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By PeteSpencer
Though I'm only up to #20 I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Mikey comes across as a great bloke and represents all that is good in interactive social media stuff.
Even Joe has lost his Buffalo series grumpiness.

Unfettered by production teams , in episode after episode Mikey eagerly engages with his invisible audience and unashamedly gives them what they want.
Plane Savers is like a good book that you just don't want to put down.

EDIT Just found out how to get it up on main lounge TV via Amazon firestick.
I feel another binge coming on.......

Peter :wink:
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By WelshRichy
I found Plane Savers about a month or so before the first flight as I think it was FlightChops had featured the progress in one of his videos. Since then I've been hooked and cannot wait to watch the progress of Series 2 and the Fokker DR-1, what an iconic aircraft to be restoring.
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By PeteSpencer
Despite my almost evangelical early enthusiasm I'm now finding the episodes a bit 'samey'.

I'm up to #55.(series1)

I have a number of questions:-
How many episodes are there in total?
Do they perk up a bit or should I bin them now?