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By a British pilot abroad
This weekend I have binge watched the first 20 episodes of 'Plane Savers' featuring Mikey McBryan and the team from Buffalo Airways in Canada.
It is absolutely brilliant, I will not give the story away here, look it up on youtube.

Why had I not heard of this before? A search here on the forum only brought up one slight link, are we out of touch?
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By Sooty25
20 episodes of Mikeys voice! I managed two! Might have try again with subtitles on.
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By Wicksay
Loving this. Thanks for sharing. If anyone is as frustrated as I on the random listing of the episodes on YouTube just add this to the URL search or app search. &List=UL and hey presto all the episodes will be in chronological order. There's no &Voice=NOTMIKEY lol
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By a British pilot abroad
It was a report from Oshkosh that first alerted me to this project. How had I missed it!

Currently at Episode 55, Feb 25 2019, not much restoration of the actual aircraft yet but lots of links sent in from viewers e.g. fathers who flew the aircraft whilst in Canada, film footage from the era. Also lightly related but very interesting e.g. a tour of Avspecs hangar in New Zealand.

Mikey may be irritating to some but to me his enthusiasm & dedication are not in question.
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By Paul_Sengupta
PeteSpencer wrote:
stevelup wrote:

Still think Mikey sounds like Koymit the Frawg.

I just clicked on the link - OMG (as the down with the internet peeps say) - I couldn't watch it, as soon as he started talking, all I could hear was Kermit The Frog!

Episode 55?! :shock: I don't think there are enough hours in the day.
By JonBoy
Fortunately I am able to judge and accept a person for more reasons than solely “what his voice sounds like”. I watched every episode of Plane Savers from day 1 and thoroughly enjoyed it. 10 minutes or so each day over breakfast put me in a good and happy mood for the rest of the day. I was sorry when the series concluded but am happy again now that season 2 is underway.

It is a shame that a few moaners on here criticise a person’s natural characteristics. It tells me a lot about what those people are like and I hope never to meet them. Mikey on the other hand comes across as being a lovely young chap, filled with enthusiasm about what he’s doing and for life in general. In all the episodes of Plane Savers - and Ice Pilots before that, I have never heard him utter one single bad word about anyone or anything and for me that is a breath of fresh air. It’s unlikely that I will ever meet him but I would love to do so.

Oh - and by the way - on his Facebook profile he describes himself as a “Kermit the Frog Impersonator”! That’s the sort of guy he is - he doesn’t take himself too seriously!
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By PeteSpencer
@ jonboy.

Don't be so bleedin' precious.

I don't recall criticising Mikey anywhere: I think he's a great bloke: I devoured the Buffalo series and repeats watching him bounce off his rather testy Dad and look forward to settling down to watch this series and enjoying it just like you did.

Sense of humour failure , eh?

Be like Mikey: have a larf now and then, it doesn't hurt a bit.

By JonBoy
@PeteSpencer ah - Peter, your comments were great - positive and good humoured! It was a couple of other people’s that rattled my cage a bit! Sorry if my reference to Kermit inadvertently linked negatively to your post, I didn’t mean to do so. I think we feel the same about the whole Buffalo/ Plane Savers thing.... :D
Cheers, JB