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By Iceman
Awful Charlie arrives at the Bushe tomorrow from Switzerland in his Mooney N2125K. We are then off to Oshkosh via Scotland, Reykjavik, Narssasuaq and Goose Bay. I'll put a tracker link up tomorrow for anyone interested in monitoring our progress.

Hoping for good weather, fair winds and not a lot of that stuff for which I am famous :D,

Iceman 8)
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By Lefty
Have a great trip.
Remember : Don’t ever take off “hoping” it will be ok.
If it’s not all “Good” and with a comfortable safety margin, wait until it is.

Lastly, enjoy it. You probably won’t get this experience too many times.
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By T67M
Have a great trip! One that's on my bucket list for the future - but I'm not brave enough to do it in an SEP so I'll be joining forces with an appropriately qualified and experienced pilot to do it in an SET or MEP.
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