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I am copying this from the LAA site as air to air collisions are a very real danger if the CAA instructions are not absorbed first !!!

2020 Rally

Postby Brian Hope » Fri Jul 12, 2019 8:43 am
Hi David, 038 was actually withdrawn some weeks ago, and 098 mentions its cancellation in the header. If anybody reading this is not a member and is intending to fly into the Rally, please make sure you have this revised AIC as there are subtle differences to the joining and departure procedures.

Hi Alan. We have put the new AIC up on the website (link from News on the home page), plus a printable pdf of the aide memoire that will come with the August magazine. LA is being bundled with FLYER as well this month, so any non members who take FLYER and are planning to come to the Rally will also receive a copy of it, plus of course the Rally details in LA.

We are also currently working with Rob at SkyDemon to produce a gizmo of the joining procedures that SkyDemon users will be able to download and attach to the Sywell end of their route into the Rally. We will be testing the download into iPad and Android tablets and phones in the next few days and details will be included in the next magazine and on the LAA website. We don't want to encourage pilots to have their eyes in the cockpit rather than on stalks looking out the window, but we hope it will encourage better adherence to the AIC instructions.

Finally, we have run into a glitch over the bookings that were made early in the year when the slot bookings were opened inadvertently. To be fair to those who booked, we asked Sywell to save the bookings and intended having the slot booking site reopened on August 1 with them still in situ. However, the CAA's subsequent insistence that everybody that books a slot must first read the joining instructions and then tick a box acknowledging they have done so, before they are able to actually book the slot, means that the early bookings do not comply. Sywell has agreed to email those who booked early, letting them know they have to rebook, and the plan is to open the website for a short spell to allow them to do so before the site is available to all.

Naturally we and Sywell will do all we can to make this work, but there can't be many of us that have never had a problem with computers, so if you were an early booker, and don't for some reason get an email from Sywell, please keep an eye on the booking site so you can rebook as soon as it opens.
I'd appreciate somebody putting this up on the FLYER forum and any other forums they think are relevant. Thanks, and please come to the Rally and have a great time!
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I did indeed err, but my (feeble) excuse is that I copied it whole with the wrong yeart & as written, direct from the LAA forum - 'cos that's what Brian requested.
Anyway worth a bump up the list to keep all otherwise casual attendees advised on the revised joining 'rules'..

BTW. I confess that I normally go for the Friday as the thought of folk of all (& few) skills, circulating a pond at almost any height (despite the rules) at different diameters & all speeds gives me the willies. When one finally selects your turn to leave this strange zone and enters downwind there's ALWAYS a whole load of direct approachers, and folk whoj join from a long long final and just push in.
For me not an aspect of the LAA Rally to look forard to !
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