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When I learned to fly, they were flying schools - at least in the UK - but now, more and more often, I see them referred to as flight schools - both by the clients and the schools themselves.

Is it simply a creeping Americanisation of our language and our lives or is there another reason that I have missed?
Talkdownman wrote:...'refresher training flights' became 'biennials'... :roll:

Don't know that you can have that one tdm? Granted it's what is meant, but not said. I'll give you biannuals though. :lol:

Maybe the forum should be configured to identify offending words and automatically change them to the correct word? :D

Biannual to biennial
Airplane to aeroplane
Hanger to hangar
License to licence

Any seconders? :lol:
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lobstaboy wrote:Can we do

Airfield to aerodrome

as well? ..

not quite equivalent. An airfield is on land, an aerodrome may be water :)

[ tailplane/fin not horizontal/vertical stabiliser ?
chassis or alighting gear not undercarriage, airscrew not propeller, as were once the UK norms ? ]