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By chevvron
mmcp42 wrote:my local strip wasn't either
I got the owner to drop a line to SkyDemon
it's now there!

Just as important, tell No 1 AIDU at Northolt and ask for the strips to be depicted on RAF Low Flying charts and ask the CAA for it to be included in ENR 5.5 of the AIP; there used to be a proforma for this but the link doesn't seem to work any more.
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By Ancien
Maybe the owner is fed up with people flying round his windsock and annoying the neighbors.
You cannot believe the idiocy of those who fly from licensed airfields in their attitude to to private strips.
Private means Private.
If the owner wishes not to publicise his existence that is up to him.
From years of experience I can tell you that all could be lost by one fool.
If you own it protect it.

I have always been amused by people phoning up looking for CHEAP hangarage. My only reply is to ask them if they find some please tell me so I can save money.
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By Tim Dawson
It used to be on SkyDemon but the owner/operator asked us to remove it. I can't remember why, probably the reason someone surmised above. If I recall correctly, they've had it removed from the Pooley's and AFE guides too (for future updates).
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By PeteSpencer
It went to rack and ruin before the present owner bought it and worked wonders on it.
I did get a stinky email from him however when I described it initial state as a bit rough.
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By PeteSpencer
SD kindly put our strip on SD and included 'plate' and contact details.
We get regular visitors who contact us for PPR and a noise sensitive areas briefing.
My main reason for getting it on SD was so as to have a start point for flight planning instead of having to guess the location every time.
(It has been on 1/2 mil for 40 +years and also on RAF low level charts.
Shame the army Apaches don't seem to use these. :roll:

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By Cub
I flew in there in an Ercoupe in about 1979. I don’t think the aeroplane ever left! The farmer (chicken farm - Mr Wright??) was a lovely man but didn’t take prisoners with regard to the use of his airfield, even in those days. I understand entirely why you might not trust your fellow aviators behaviour especially if the forum, in the last few days, is truly representative.

Boss man chatted to me at Barton on Saturday (another lovely airfield) and assured me current forum behaviour is not representative. Maybe not, but it is colouring my view.
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By seanxair
PeteSpencer wrote:My main reason for getting it on SD was so as to have a start point for flight planning instead of having to guess the location every time

Mine is saved as 'Home' on my SD but not visible to others as far as I'm aware

Edit to say I have thought about mapping it but can't see too many plus points