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By welkyboy
Iceman wrote:EGTU BIGNO GUR LFRD, effectively a direct routing.

Iceman 8)

You’ll need to check the Danger Areas status on that route, if active route BHD SKERY GUR DIN FL75 and contact Jersey Control 125.205 10 mins before SKEzrY for entry clearance into the Channel Islands Control Zone , remember a Dinard is 24 hrs PPR for Customs, as most airfields in N France are nowadays☹️
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By AlanM
All good answers!

If the weather permits and you are able to be VMC aim for anywhere between 5000ft and FL80.

With Guernsey SIDs climbing to 4000ft and Jersey SIDs climbing to 5000ft, anything above that will give a pretty unhindered DCT routing.

Should be 60+ nm of lovely CAS for you, with a handover to Rennes on 126.950.

* if for whatever reason you cannot get to 5000ft+ You can expect a number of routes;

1. Via Guernsey - so have a look a the VRPs and you may need to hold depending on IFR traffic.

2. Route 165 degrees ish from SKERY and stay west of Guernsey’s climbout/inbounds - then probably DCT DIN.

3. Route to the North of Guernsey, south of Alderney towards PELOM and then cross Jersey (again check the VRPs and possibly a delay depending on IFR traffic).

Either way, there is generally no real delay for you.
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By Rob P
Just reversing this, we are headed for Dunkeswell this very weekend. Any insider tips?

Rob P
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By AlanM
The same! In reverse!! Ask Rennes to climb you in their Class D and get handed over for a seamless journey in CAS for all but the last 30nm.
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By AlanM
Iceman wrote:EGTU BIGNO GUR LFRD, effectively a direct routing.

Iceman 8)

If the Portland DAs are inactive (Exeter will know) then you could (at FL60-FL80) get airborne and route Direct Dinard as a goal! I cleared someone this evening from the SE corner of the Channel Islands CTR-JSY-EGTE at FL65 with minimal track changes) with para dropping in the overhead of Jersey at FL100 and the usual Jersey/Guernsey IFR traffic.
By SimonM
Haven't been for a few years but fuelling was one end of the apron and you pay the pompiers at the other end. Ask for fuel on arrival as getting it before you depart is a real faff.
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