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By Shoestring Flyer
Well, thanks all. Seems the permanent installation in my LAA aeroplane gives me a few options. I will of course be doing all the installation work myself. I will not be using Velcro for anything and all Coax will be in RG400. I have already checked and an LAA MOD is not needed, just Inspector sign off of the work carried out.
The antennas locations do create a certain challenges due to the aircraft being metal with carbon fibre used in cowlings and above the instrumentation.
PowerFlarmCore also has antenna diversity meaning a top and bottom antenna is needed for Flarm...positioning location of the antenna therefore is somewhat tricky. all doable of course but needs some thought.
Anyway I just need to make sure in my own mind which is the best long term bet to go for, PowerFlarmcore or Pilotaware. I do anticipate keeping this aircraft longterm so robustness of the product and its long term future play a major part of my thought process.

Thanks again.
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By Ian Melville
gaznav wrote:
Ian Melville wrote:
gaznav wrote:@dewidaniels

...the only thing I can fault with that would be that PAW is also a portable installation unless you take it apart - but then you could take apart any portable installation and make it permanent. ..

Removing a cover with one finger is hardly “take it apart”
They even offer two different installation kits for fitted installations.

It must be more than that or do the antennae and Raspberry Pi just fall out too?

The antennas are not fitted in the box :D , and no the Pi wouldn't fall out because that is in a different part of the case, which you don't remove.
gaznav wrote: Anyway, either way, if it is a permanent installation it needs Mod Approval - even for an LAA aircraft:

I made no comment regarding that and it has no relevance to "Take It Apart"

gaznav wrote:So not really just a matter of sliding off the top cover is it?

Yes, it is. When you open your car door, are you of the opinion that you are "taking it apart" :roll:
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By gaznav
I’m sorry Ian, that doesn’t make sense? How would you install this thing without taking it apart? Or are you just removing a cover and the cable-tieing or velcroing it in a temporary arrangement? That’s not really an installation in my mind.
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By Ian Melville
You do not take it apart.
1. Slide off the USB port cover and remove USB GPS
2. Fit antenna to airframe where you see fit and run cables to where you want to locate PAW unit. For example behind the panel.
3. Place USB Mouse GPS in a suitable location and run the cable back to same as above.
4. Plug GPS USB into a USB port and replace the cover.
5. Connect both antenna coax to correct externally exposed connectors.
6. Run the power lead from your choice of power supply, for example, the certified Charge 4 and connect to PAW

PAW unit mounted and cable runs to be done in accordance with standard aviation practice.

This is my last word on this.
By berbles
I’ve just spent some time flying in the US using a Garmin 39 and ForeFlight on an iPad (my normal preference of SkyDemon not really cutting the mustard in the US, sadly...).

The advantage of real-time and historical (last hour) weather in the air is immediately apparent as is the situational awareness of other aircraft, especially in The Bahamas where you are not under such positive control as you are with Flight Following in US Airspace. Having had an Airprox with a PA28 on Final to North Eleuthera (we missed him by 300ft) I can really see the benefit.

I would vote for a full UK ADS-B implementation as soon as possible with the ADS-B Out stuff subsidised by the CAA paid for by the airlines to improve GA safety.
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By 2Donkeys
berbles wrote:I would vote for a full UK ADS-B implementation as soon as possible with the ADS-B Out stuff subsidised by the CAA paid for by the airlines to improve GA safety.

I am definitely with you all the way. ADS-B (and the extensive resultant availability of TIS-B and FIS-B) is magic in the US. It was lovely to see all the previously blank panels on my Lance suddenly come alive with data when I left Canadian airspace and entered the US.

I would also vote for somebody else (the airlines or whoever) to pay for my benefit, but I don't think I'll be holding my breath!
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