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JAFO wrote:Or shares with no location.

That explains the problem we had with one of our syndicate members who used to always relocate aircraft to an airstrip near his house and then send a email to everybody to come and collect :twisted:
riverrock wrote:
patowalker wrote:The Dynamic ad is as useless as the others. That aircraft will never be approved in the UK.

The LSA version is 550kg MAUW with bigger fuel tanks. The spec they list is the microlight version so should be able to be approved as a factory built microlight?

Apart from being disqualified by the retractable gear, as mentioned by RJ, only Dynamic microlights built by the UK factory are approved.

The seller knows it cannot go on the UK register. ... 5205&cor=y
I understand the seller of the Dynamic is a well-known “Character” within the aviation community. Owner of Ferryair, links to Robert Weaver etc. Not that there’s a market for it in the UK, but additional due diligence should be encouraged in any potential purchaser.