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By Paul_Sengupta
7kg! Sounds better...

Actually, googling, that one looks remarkably similar to this:

Which is £580 without the aviation tax.

But the manufacturer says 9.1kg for the one with the canopy.
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By Paul_Sengupta
The Seago one is also made out of butyl which means it should stay inflated for over a year! ;-)

This appears to show the Seago one with some sort of inflatable ladder which the other ones don't show.

Ah, that's the 500+ by the looks of it.

The Lalizas without canopy is £500 and a little lighter.
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By PeteSpencer
Always important to buy a raft with a ready attached canopy designed for use in our coastal waters which inflates in one piece

: Some have a separate hood but depend on you, soaking wet, shivering and knackered , attaching /assembling the canopy in a heavy swell.

Many of the cheapo rafts online are designed for US pacific/coastal waters and should be viewed with caution.

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By ThePipster
How about renting a raft?

A couple of us rent a raft each year and the rental costs include shipping and servicing. The downside is that you can't all use it on the same day to go to different places but it hasn't happened yet.

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By Rob P
ThePipster wrote:The downside is that you can't all use it on the same day to go to different places

Personally I use the aeroplane to go places. It's a lot quicker than the raft.

Rob P
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