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Though if you wanted to get one of the same quality as your original, you'd need to pay over £400.

I've heard it's possible to re-cell the old battery, but at the price of the individual cells used, it doesn't actually save much. But that may have been when the pack was half the price it is now!

This sort of thing is tiny - it might be preferable to have one of these clipped to your lifejacket.
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By tnowak
I have just had the battery replaced in my GME PLB. The fee includes a full functional test and RF output test as well and validation of the registration details held by MCGA.
I used SARTECH and had my PLB back within 5 working days.
By PeterMa
Had my PLB re - battered & tested for about £80.

My understanding is there isnt a power output as such - as they talk to the coparsat system - receiving your info & GPS location ( once established on activation - with cold fixes taking on mime about 120 secs - much quicker than most of my other GPS ) . They also then ( but not all …...) - broadcast on 121.5 to allow DF for the final mile location if the GPS doesn't get 'them' to you .

Some colleagues chose to buy a new PLB when the battery expires and keep the old as a second/ back up/ on a passegengers LJ ( even though out of date ) - The extra cost of knowing you have new tech / battery and a second ( even thoughout of date) being well worth it in the even you may need to use a critical safety item ;) ... l?sqr=PLB&

£260 :)